I'm a product designer working to make people's lives better.

I'm in my element when working end-to-end design in collaboration with my PM and engineering teammates, tackling complex, meaningful problems.

I have a keen eye for detail, a strong understanding of research and design principles, and am a fierce advocate for user needs. I strive for continuous growth and development, and am always open to give and receive feedback.

I value open communication, mutual respect, design ethics, spreading joy, and improving accessibility across digital and non-digital spaces.

Why work with me?

My Process



What's the problem we're trying to solve? For whom? What do we know about the problem?

- Kick-off meeting
- Exploratory research


Defining the problem

Synthesizing data to understand what to solve, how, and a sense of priorities.

- Jobs-to-be-done
- User flows / journeys

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Designing in low fidelity to get early feedback from team (PMs, devs, key stakeholders). Iterating. Then moving into higher fidelity design with more feedback loops, all while ensuring my figma file is well-organized and annotated for async collaboration.

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Testing & implementation

Creating and sharing prototypes to identify issues. Iterate and repeat. Collaborating with devs throughout build phase, supporting QA and defining path for future testing.

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