Hi, I'm Paula 🌻

I'm a San Francisco-based product designer with a background in research.

I've worked with mission-driven early stage startups, federal health organizations, and non-profits. I work to create simplicity out of complex systems, study customer journeys to find hidden opportunities to improve experiences and accessibility, and use design to positively impact our lives.

I'm currently designing for public health at Primary.

More about me

A more friendly, intuitive patient experience

Collaborating with a small product team, I led 5 user research interviews to build understanding of patient needs, behaviors and pain points. I used that data to inform updates across the  user journey, resulting in a more positive experience for patients seeking virtual mental health care
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A more efficient grant management workflow

Managing the project, I worked closely with the client and our dev team to build a scaleable, easy-to-use grant management software with multiple interconnected user journeys in a tight timeframe. I led discovery efforts to better understand the domain space, the target users, align on requirements and refine scope. I performed rapid usability sessions with target users to validate ideas and iterate, resulting in a more streamlined, efficient experience.
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Conducted 5 user interviews and 4 field studies to explore clinicians day-to-day behaviors, pain points and needs. Using these insights, collaborated with product team on priorities and scope. Designed and tested ideas with Figma prototypes, culminating in a more user-centered experience.  
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